What’s up in coast?

Due to high poverty levels and moral decay in the Kenyan coast, there has been extreme cases of very young school boys and girls dropping school for early marriages and more worse… Sex trade.

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Recently, Zipporah Nyawira, a child rights activist in Kwale county confessed that a boy had dropped school and now practising sodomy as a source of income. He is said to earn 100 Kenya shillings as per event.

In other cases, school boys and girls drop their studies and move into early marriages.

This has left the Kwale county commissioner in confusion. He doesn’t know who to hold accountable.

According to him, children are influenced to enter into early marriages even by their parents. Both parties make agreements.

With time, when the girl is almost a mother of two and almost turning to 19 years old is when the cases erupt due to bleach of agreement in the dowry payments.

In other parts of the country, children get molested in schools, homes and now the common misbehavior by the Boda Boda riders.

Who do we challenge?

Imagine of a girl who had been raped. Her parents are struggling, can’t even afford to put food in the table….. And we expect them to handle the case?? Ways a couples retreat can improve your marriage.

This ought to be a fight for everyone.

Shape the character of our children. Let’s join and model their character and behavior.

I think Moi girls case should set an example. We want conviction. Otherwise we are making it to be too easy.

Recently a father had to transfer his daughter from Moi Girls High School. Asked why, he said” I don’t know who could be the next victim in the next possible case. What if my daughter is involved?”

Something too bad about about the current child rights policy. It’s serving as a fire extinguisher. The authorities come to solve cases of girls who have already been defiled.

Something must be done!!!

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