Why are we Africans Poor?

Today I will be
sharing with you 3 of my many reasons why most of us Africans are poor.

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1. Most Africans are not business oriented.

About three days ago I was reading about the youngest female millionaire, Elizabeth Holmes who started her company at the age of 19 (just as Mark Zukerberg, facebook founder did) and she later dropped out of school when her business required that she do so.

How did a 19 years old lady get courage to start a business?

Because she (and millions other young Americans) have been rightly oriented that job is a mess and that becoming a business owner is greatly rewarding.

What do you think an average Africa 19 years old guys and girls are doing?

Watching football matches, following fashion trends or best, getting busy with school to earn good certificate.

Nobody is out there to tell our young adults that they are the hope of this continent, that they are the one to create jobs for themselves and others, that they have to be entrepreneurs and not employees.

How can we be rich as a continent while we are creating no businesses?

2. Africans are poor because we run businesses like mere ‘’buying and selling’’.

Why majority of Africans don`t think about being business owners, those who think (or who condition forced to be business owners) are not running business like 21 century business, instead, they are running business like 15 century`s business.

You know, in the 15 century, all you have to do is to figure out a product or service to sell. If you can smile a little people will love you and patronize your business.

Now however, business requires more strategies and innovations than ever before, just as the name of Seth Godin`s book sound, Purple Cow.

If it is not purple cow (unique), nobody sees it or buys it.

If you`re dull and your product/service is dumb, nobody notices you.

Most Africans are dull and their businesses are dumb due to lack of business knowledge.

3. Africans are poor because an average Africans is irresponsible.

After all I am your brother, so you won`t say I am abusing Africans. Most Africans are so much concern about what they get, and not what they give. Few years ago I heard a man of about age 25 complaining that his father didn`t give him money (or something like that).

How dumb is that?

Very dumb.

An average 16 years old boy in many advanced countries of the world has been planning how he will get out of his father`s home and create his own life.

Most 25-30 years old Africans still see themselves as infant, who need help. We love to receive a ready-made, stress free success.

Unfortunately, maize doesn`t come to life until a farmer gets dirty.

Africans have to (urgently) wake up and be responsible.

At around age 20 I started planning how I will be independent of my parent financially.

I started thinking, how can I make Kenya (my country) a better place? How can I influence Africans for good?

When I was 21 and six months, it was time to forsake mediocre and get busy in the world. I announced to my parents and family that I am going to the business world, and that I will never need to collect my certificate from the University and go looking for a job.

It wasn`t a smooth journey and I have not become a millionaire yet (as at the time of writing this) but, I was lucky to think different.

I am the young ambitious. And… Who are you??

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