Who is that who’s behind these gorgeous brand designs in Nairobi?

I want to let the secret out today.

You might have had the interest to reach him for what he does but didn’t know how….

I brought him here for you.

He’s the Young Ambitious Honorable… Orient Ngirimani.

The ever youthful handsome man.

The man who believes in smart job and nothing else!!!

I personally loved the man because:

He does loves what he does and does what he loves.

His branding, Printing &Designs rocks.

What service could he offer to you??

  • Do you have a family?
  • Do you love fashion?
  • Do you love arts?

If your answers were yes then….. What next??

  • Don’t you love yourself? Yes!
  • Don’t you love rocking?? Yesssssss!!!

Atleast I got it right this time round. Hurray!!!!!!

Am rocking too!!

Keep rocked!! Tuned to the finest point. It’s getting to the top.

And keep rocking!!

You must have been lucky you came across this.

They call me James ; The Young Ambitious Blogger.

Rocking across the boundaries!!!


Oh my!!…. Ooooohhhh my!!!

I made a research, summary and choose the best services that you all deserve from sparks production.

1. How many times have you met a couple in this kind of dress code…..

…..and wished you knew where you would get the same?? ….. Too unfortunate… You too shy to stop them and enquire. I choose not to blame you for your mistakes. After all…. We are not here for a blame game. Period!!

I decided to let the cat out of the ba!

Sparks production does all this.

2. Have your children been always asking for uniquely branded plates, cups, T-shirt , and Birthday caps…. Mostly during there birthday parties??

Don’t be stressed any more. Sparks production is here… At your service!

3. Are you in business and wondering where to get best printing, branding and design services??

More so… At affordable prices???

Sparks production is here for all your needs.

Many are the times you are in need of:

  • Flyers

  • Business cards

  • Branded envelopes

  • Name tags

  • Business logos

  • Brand Note books

  • Brand diaries

  • Receipt books.

You need to contact this young man for business.

He’s decided to serve you at his best… And in an amazingly different way!!!


He will offer you all these services at your comfort.

Just imagine…. sited right at your coach!

This sounds ambiguous!!

Who’s that who wouldn’t wish for this!!

Come on!!!

Holla him now!!!!

Call 0701 074 158

Facebook page: sparksproductions.

and get what you want and…….. Be assured to get what you deserve.

You need it…you’ve got it!!

He is currently working on his new book. Yet to be launched soooner than soon.

Be patient for a while. I will update you about this soon.

Thank you!

Thank me later!!

Lastly… But not the least.

Did you love all this?

Have always believed that information is power itself!!

Remember everyone is now in the Internet world.

Where are you?

Do you also need an article about your business, company,or institution.

Charges 2300 only;

Well detailed profile article.

Thank you!

Reach me through

0715 676 178


Read More;


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