Cc: (Kenya Parents). KSCF Eastern Region got the Best Solution to handle the moral decay in Kenyan High Schools 2018.

There are some memories that can’t be erased. You meet people that impact your life and that change it for good if you happen to attend a camp….

According to Mr Nicholas Kimathi, most importantly you get closer to God and other Christians.

Mr. Kimathi is currently the regional coordinator KSCF Eastern region.

A region that covers from Embu, Tharaka-Nithi, Meru, Isiolo and all the way to Marsabit.

I have been told that church camp is the closest thing to Heaven on Earth and I believe it.

I have since then taken time to find out why the Young men and women in our country Kenya need to attend these religious camps.

I have also interacted with KSCF (Kenya Student Christian Fellowship) that had been hosting an annual students Christian camp in different regions of our country.

You very well know the current state of moral decay amongst our youth.

The prove for risings cases of schools in flames is a reason enough to join my way of thinking with less arguments.

This is what I want you to know for today.

In a Christian youth camp you are surrounded by some of the most caring and loving Christians for an entire week.
There are many factors that make Christian youth camping a positive and valuable experience.

All of these experiences are found to some extent in the local church and in other types of ministries, but they are strongly present in Christian youth camps.

First, in most youth camps, there is an extensive exposure to the Word of God. Hebrews 4:12 tells us that the Bible is living and powerful.

A typical day in a Christian camp will have some form of personal or group devotions, an evening chapel service, and a Scripture memorization program.

This repeated use of the Word of God over a week’s time is very valuable in letting the Word dwell richly in the lives of the campers and staff (Colossians 3:16).

God often orchestrates the various times in the Word to emphasize the same themes from different angles or to offer a variety of emphases that will meet different needs in the different individuals.

There is also the opportunity for students to observe and learn from godly mentors (counselors, staff, and speakers).

Many students come from broken homes or grow up with less-than-ideal role models because one or both parents are unsaved or weak and immature in their faith.

As Paul encouraged others to follow his example as he emulated Christ (1 Corinthians 11:1), these godly mentors are able to model loving discipline and the freedom it offers.

They are also able to show unconditional love, model how a godly man or woman behaves, and display God-centered living before the youth.

There’s also something about singing in a camp that makes you smile.

Just to know that you are sited beside another person whose desire is to praise God to the best of their ability and is pouring out their heart along with you.

Another beneficial factor is what is commonly absent at a Christian camp: TV’s, mp3 players, computers, video games, etc. These distractions serve to busy the mind and keep young people from focusing on the deeper questions of life such as, “Why am I here?” “What will happen to me when I die?” “Does my life have meaning?” While occupied with fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind (Ephesians 2:3), young people have little time to ponder such questions.

When these mind-occupying distractions are taken away, campers have the time to ponder the Word in a much deeper way than a once-a-week church experience allows.

Once distractions are removed, campers find themselves surrounded by God’s creation, an environment that turns their minds to Him and to the eternal and away from the world.

A Christian youth camp also provides a place for godly young people to grow in serving Christ, both behind the scenes in tasks and also in learning how to share the gospel, give devotions from the Bible, and pray with others about their needs.

Another major blessing is that Christian camping allows the broadening of one’s circle of fellowship.

For many campers, new friends they meet at camp one year, and continue to see year by year, become lifelong friends that they care for, pray for, and encourage in Christ for decades.

And it has happened more than once that a camper even ends up meeting his or her future godly spouse while attending or serving in a camp setting.

God has greatly used Christian camping in calling out ones to be saved and to serve Him as Lord, whether as missionaries, pastors, or just as importantly, as “full-time Christians.”

When it comes to Independence….

If youth are going to camp further away from where they live they will learn to be alright on their own.

This time away from the mom and dad also allows the youthful souls to form their own identity with Christ and to develop their own Faith.

Why should your son miss this??

For any question, support or inquiries,

KSCF Regional OfficeCell phone 0727171949/0702330245Email:

Office located at Meru town at St. pauls Building behind Meru library.






Westlands, Nairobi Kenya.

Tel: +254 721 770 933.

MPESA PAY BILL No. 542 600

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