Most of us know the feeling of being moved by a work of art.

Whether it is a song, a play, a poem, a novel, a painting, or a spatio-temporal experiment.

When we are touched, we are moved; we are transported to a new place that is, nevertheless, strongly rooted in a physical experience, in our bodies. We become aware of a feeling that may not be unfamiliar to us but which we did not actively focus on before.

This transformative experience is what art is constantly seeking.

Quick notice

Last week I had this special opportunity to visit DAGLO ARTS HEAD QUARTERS in Meru town.

A firm that believes Art is a way of life and art is for all.

They are a firm registered in Kenya with a main office situated at Meru town.

DAGLO ARTS is a firm specializing in artwork especially African artifacts e.g. paintings, portraits, bead work jewelry, handbags, mats, flower vases, candle stands, table accessories holders, jewelry boxes etc.

They began operations officially in 2015. Besides dealing in the stated products they also train upcoming young artists under DAGLO SCHOOL OF ARTS aimed at the community and youth empowerment.

They have a great VISION to reintroduce the taste for African artifacts to the world by renovating and giving artwork and bead work a touch of excellence for the consumers and to the consumer’s preference and taste.

Here’s a few of what I had to learn from them during then.

  • One of the major responsibilities of artists is to help people not only get to know and understand something with their minds but also to feel it emotionally and physically.

  • Art can mitigate the numbing effect created by the glut of information we are faced with today.
  • Art can motivate people to turn thinking into doing.
  • The arts encourages us to cherish intuition, uncertainty and creativity.

  • Art also encourages us to constantly search for new ideas.

If you want to prove the power of art around you, kindly get a precious art work from a well skilled artist and present it to people you treasure around you.

I can assure you its awesome and more honourable. Try it!!

Get that surprise gift for your partner, parents, children and any loved ones any time you wish.

Take art work as birthday,weddings and anniversary gifts, a cake alone won’t be as memorable.

Don’t forget having art works as surprise presents too.

After all this is another sure way of spicing up any relationship. Whether its a mother-son relationship or any best case scenario. Its all worth it.

My personal love for arts remains unstoppable!!
I won’t mind if you also get one for me as the “young ambitious”.
In fact I will be waiting… Thanks in advance.

You get it for me from daglo arts… The better.

At least am sure they know more about my taste and choice for arts.
Daglo arts is currently spreading all over.
Why worry??

Daglo Arts worldwide.

Daglo Arts in Africa.

Daglo Arts in Kenya.

Daglo Arts in Meru County.

Meru town


Why worry??

They deliver the products at your door step.


Why worry??

If I were you….

Again if I were you….

Think about what your loved ones deserve and take action sooner than soonest.

Never loose any opportunity to make your own feel loved.
It could not be the only opportunity but most importantly the best way to reveal your affection.

Do you feel late about doing this…
I tell you. Its never too late. But never forget that procrastination is a thief of time.

You can also hire special jewelries for special occasions at affordable prices.

All from DAGLO ARTS.


Book a precious gift for your loved one with Daglo Arts.



Meru Town.
Mobile: 0717229738
P.O. BOX 1850-60200

“The gift of man makes a room and ushers him to greatness.”




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