Eric Muchira Results.

Name: Eric


Question 1: Who is the MCA Abothuguchi West Ward?: HO.Patrick Muthuri

Most correct answer: Hon. Muriithi Patrick Muthuri.


Question 2: Where is Daglo Arts Located?: JENIKO HOUSE Meru Kenya

Most correct answer: Meru town, At Jeniko house next to Remu bank.
Question 3: Who is the husband to Mama Africa?: Mr. Kirimi Kasisi.

Score: 10mks

Question 4: When and where was the couples retreat hosted by Rev Abraham Nkanata?: Olive Gardens

Most correct answer: Olives Reatreat Garden.Meru on 15th July 2018

Score: 4mks

Question 5: Where is MaxFix located?: Amsterdam

Most correct answer: Meru town At Kirukuri Rd, Next to Central Bank.

Score: 0mks.

Question 6: Where is Chandy Gardens located?: Meru Kenya

Most correct answer: 1 KM away from Meru town along Mwiteria By-pass, off Meru-Mikinduri highway.

Score: 3mks.

Question 7: What was KSCF 2018 Annual camp theme?: Carefully consider your ways
Haggai 1.7

Score: 10mks

Question 8: Who is the founder D-Movies?: Mr. Douglas Kinyua.

Score: 10mks

Question 9: What does the cow, horse and tiger represent as used in the Private Personality Test?: Cow signifies CARRIER.
Tiger signifies PRIDE.
Horse signifies FAMILY.

Score: 10mks

Question 10: What is the order of the Sunday services at New Birth Covenant Church?: Morning Prayer @ 9:00am, Praise, Worship & The Word @ 9:30am – 12 noon

Most correct answer: 8:30 am- 10:00 am – 1st Service
10:00 am – 1:00 pm Main Service

Score: 5mks

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Total score: 70mks


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