In a lay man’s language….A leader is a person who influences a group of people towards the achievement of a goal; be it in church, at work, in the community, school, organization, in the government or even @ the family level.

The regular questions flowing in every potential leaders mind are;

  1. Can I make a leader?
  2. What kind of a leader?
  3. As a leader, will I manage to deliver the peoples’ expectations?

To the leaders;

  1. What kind of a leader are you?
  2. What do you think is going to happen if you fail your people?
  3. How do you improve and maintain undisputed leadership skills?


It’s all about interest.

Today is on 31st October 2018.

Earlier this month I had a golden opportunity to attend the GLOBAL LEADERS SUMMIT 2018 BREAKFAST at Three Steers Hotel Meru.

That’s when I realized my position in leadership capacity.

On a light note…am the young ambitious James Gitobu.

img-20181009-wa00231004871837.jpgStudent Meru University pursuing Bachelor of Science in Mathematics & Computer Science.

Above all, I do all things through Christ who strengthens me. From writing articles to digging latrines.

It’s all about interest.

Don’t forget to holla me in case you require my manpower at any time.

In fact as I write down this..


“Nimetoka kibarua ya kupanda mahindi.”

Just to make sure I get money to fund my ticket to the Global Leaders Summit Meru 2018.

Who are you to miss?

GLS Meru 2018….The diverse Summit faculty that delivers a unique blend of vision, inspiration and practical skills you can immediately apply.

I am however willing to share just a fraction of the Fresh, actionable and inspiring leadership content from;

world-class leadership expert, Best selling Author and coach JOHN C. MAXWELL.

The great man who graced Global Leaders Summit Meru 2018 breakfast at Three Steers Hotel Meru.


  1. A true leader does not lead by manipulation. In stead, he leads by motivating his people.
  2. A real leader does not wait for people to add value to him. Instead he adds value to his people.
  3. As a leader, people got 3 common questions to ask you;
  • Do you like me?
  • Can you help me?
  • Can I trust you?

The core mission as a true leader should be adding value and lifting people.

5 key habits to improve your leadership skills.

  1. Value people.
  2. Smile to people.
  3. Open doors/opportunities to people.
  4. Add value to people ( even those that you don’t know).
  5. Encourage people to add value to others.

According to me this was just an introduction. I need to consume the full content packaged for us by GLS Meru 2018.

Who are you to miss this?



As an implementation of the teachings during the Power breakfast; I wish to-

  1. Value your potential as a leader and invite you to attend the Global Leaders Summit Meru 2018 @ Kemu on 7th and 8th Nov 2018.
  2. Make you happy by welcoming you to learn and experience what leaders deserve. After all…We all deserve the best!
  3. Open an opportunity for you by introducing and inviting you to attend GLS Meru 2018.
  4. Add value to you, whether I know you or not, by inviting you to attend this life changing Leadership Summit in Meru.
  5. Encouraging you to add value to others by….
  • Personally attending.
  • Sharing this important information to the people. (Your influence matters)
  • Sharing what you have by sponsoring one or more young ambitious students/people to attend this Global Leaders Summit.

Very few days remaining.

Sharing is caring.

Are you a Political, Church leader, CEO, Professional, Business man, Well-Wisher in Meru or from any other place and willing to sponsor someone’s ticket?

Ksh.1,000 per head.

Ksh.900 each for a group of 10.

Ksh.800 aech for a group of 20.




Ticket includes….Daily teachings, a pen and note book from GLS & daily meals for the whole period.

An intention can’t be best understood till it serves the purpose!


Willing to sponsor a Ticket?


  1. For transparency and accountability purposes, All those that sponsor and the beneficiaries will be published on this site.
  2. To the potential sponsors…Payments for the tickets won’t be made to any individual. It can only be done to the official GLS Paybill number provided in public.

Thank you.

Here’s the opportunity. Kindly fill the details below.


Are you a young ambitious student/youth willing to attend the GLS MERU 2018 but financially challenged.

>Kindly click here to fill your details>> 



>>Visit GLS website for additional details. by clicking the poster below.




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