A modern care center for the Elderly starts in Meru County-Kenya.

An idea whose time has come is now being implemented in Meru, in form of a comfortable home for the elderly citizens.

Photo: Gideons’ Memorial Home. Meru-Kenya

Gideons’ Memorial Home for the elderly is an idea that would have been associated with big western cities but one passionate doctor in Meru-Kenya believes even residents of his rural county deserves the best.


Photos: A luxurious living room.Gideons’ Memorial Home. Meru-Kenya

The facility which is on Meru-Maua Highway has a beatiful green lawn, where the elderly can walk, exercise or just rest leisurely admiring the serene environment.


Photo: Ever-green lawn@ Gideons’ Memorial Home. Meru-Kenya

Dr. Joel Muthuri is a renown children specialist who has special interest in care for the elderly people.

Photo: Caption @ Gideons’ Memorial Home. Meru-Kenya

He thought of setting up a modern care center for the old people whose caretakers or guardians are not available because of their busy schedule in their lives to provide them with adequate love and care.

Photo: Dinning area @ Gideons’ Memorial Home. Meru-Kenya

“For elderly people to live well to advanced age, they require good nutrition, medical attention, love, companionship and above all…God’s Grace.”

Dr. Muthuri told our reporter when guiding him in a tour of the facility located at Kaaga suburb of Meru TownKenya.


Photo: Sun bathing & well manicured gardens.

”  I have been feeling that I should give back to the community by taking care of the elderly members of the society and hence the idea of coming up with this facility,” he explained.

Dr. Muthuri, who has been a Medical Doctor for 42 years(38 as a childspecialist), told Ambitious Kenya that for those of us who live far away from their aging relatives, it becomes difficult to give elderly parents or grand parents a homely environment we would wish to provide them with.



Photos: Bedrooms & bathrooms @ Gideons’ Memorial Home. Meru-Kenya

The home he has established has all the modern facilities that one would wish for his/her aging relative to use.

Photo: Fully equipped kitchen @ Gideons’ Memorial Home. Meru-Kenya

The home to open in January 2019 will have medically trained personnel and other non-medical support staff.


Photos: Front office entrance @ Gideons’ Memorial Home. Meru-Kenya

Dr. Muthuri has his medical consultation clinic/office next to the facility. He also has his residency next to the Gideons’ Memorial Home.


Photos: Dr.Muthuri’s Clinic Reception and office. Meru-Kenya

The Gideons’ Memorial Home, for the care of the elderly, is located near Kaaga Girls High School in Meru and close to Kenya Methodist University-main campus.


Photo: Dr. Muthuri’s residency just next to the Gideons’ Home. Meru-Kenya

The home will officially open its doors to the elderly in March 2019, where residential (those staying day and night) will be accommodated.

“We will also accept to take care of day clients who can be dropped in the morning and be picked up in the evening,” he explained.



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  1. Congratulations Daktari for thinking about senior citizens and creating a special home for them. May God bless your and your team.

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