5 Feminine lesson’s learnt by Pastor Abraham in the past 10 years of marriage..


1. Wife… Learn to support your man.
It’s been found out that women are good followers.
They follow everything especially for a man they love.
If you support your man shows that you trust in him.


2. Wife… Submit to your husband.
It’s all clear in the book of 1st Corinthians
Women submit to your husbands and to you husbands, love your wives.

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3. Wife… Serve your husband.
Your man is your leader and you should serve him as a leader.
Learn to be royal to his kingdom. He’s the King.


4. Wife… Say good things to him and about him.
This is more of moral support.
It has been said that behind every successful man is a wonderful woman.
What kind of woman are you?
Come on! Raise your man’s ego. Let him feel more confident with you.
Showing that you believe in him makes him believe in himself more.
He gets more strength to dare greater heights. All because you raise his ego as a man.

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5. Wife… Sacrifice for your husband.
Learn to do the best to please him. Anything and everything within the moral standards.

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  1. Pastor. Abraham Nkanata’s 10th Wedding Anniversery.
  3. A modern care center for the Elderly starts in Meru County-Kenya.


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