5 Masculine Lessons learnt by Pastor Abraham for the past 10 years in marriage.

I write all this in reference to a sermon by Pastor Abraham Nkanata, that I had attended recently, while he officiated the wedding of Mr and Mrs Henry Mwirigi at Newbirth Covenant Church. Meru-Kenya.

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There are 3 types of wisdom.
1. Wisdom acquired while growing..
The wisdom on how to survive in the general life set up.
2. Wisdom acquired while in school.
This is the wisdom always in knowledge form while learning. Well known as education.
3. Wisdom from God.
This is special wisdom that is God given. You can’t acquire it by any other way.
An example about this is in Solomon’s case in the Bible.
God asked Solomon, Tell me what you want?
And Solomon brilliantly answered, “I want Wisdom from you (God). ”
Here’s a fraction of Wisdom God gave Pastor Abraham Nkanata while in marriage.

5 Masculine Lessons learnt by Pastor  Abraham Nkanata for the past 10 years in marriage.

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1. Husbands… Learn to talk to your wife and make sure you don’t talk about the wrong things.
Women need to be talked to. As you talk and relax together, make sure her head rest on your chest.. Just next to the heart. You can understand her better.
Talk love and wisdom to her.

2. As a husband.. Team up with your wife.
Wisdom has special grace. In most instances, women have a special sense that can sense danger even as while the man senses nothing.
That’s why every man ought to listen to his wife.
Always remember that when God created Eve… He made a suitable helper.

3. Husband.. Train your wife.
Being the man of the house, always train your wife and children.
Women are good followers.
Children are as well better in following what they see and hear.

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4. Husband… Learn to teach your wife good things.
Walk with her and guide her as the head.
Teach and prove to her that you are not like any other man.

5. Husband… Take care of your wife.
It is as simple as… If you don’t care for your wife, remember there are other men to do it.
My fellow men, I didn’t share this to threaten your marriage. I did it to help you Learn more and improve for the better.
Dear women, to assist you explore your husband’s… Learn to be loving and submissive always.


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