Name: Abraham Nkanata & Miriam Nkanata.

1. How long did you date before marrying? : For two Years

2. What did you first see or think of your spouse?

PASTOR. ABRAHAM NKANATA..: I saw beauty and an angel and I thought if I get closer to her I will count myself among the blessed men around

MRS. MIRIAM NKANATA: The first time I saw him,I saw a man who fears God. I was also attracted to his physical appearance.
3. Do you think courtship duration matters in the success of a marriage? What do you advice?:

It matters because someone requires time to learn, bond and create friendship that will last

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4. How did you know that your partner was the right one for you?

PASTOR. ABRAHAM NKANATA…: During our interactions, I discovered we share same values, convictions, believes and interest.

MRS. MIRIAM NKANATA: God confirmed that through a vision,where I heard a loud voice saying,this is the man for you.

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5. Tell us three things you love about your spouse.

PASTOR. ABRAHAM NKANATA..: She loves God genuinely
She appreciates and reciprocates the magnamity of my actions
Cheerful and full of Life

MRS. MIRIAM NKANATA.: The fear of God is in him.
I know he loves me genuinely together with our children.
He has a strong character,his yes is yes and his no is no.

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6. What’s the biggest difference between you and your spouse?

PASTOR. ABRAHAM NKANATA…: I love nature she loves design indoors

MRS. MIRIAM NKANATA: He loves travelling,and I like indoor activities.

7. As a couple…what do you share in common?:

Serving God together
Going outings

8. When and where did the wedding take place?

: Meru county.

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9. What will you remember most about your wedding day?

PASTOR. ABRAHAM NKANATA..: I cried overwhelmingly by the great work of God.
I made the first love with my wife.

MRS. MIRIAM NKANATA: Oh,It rained heavily when we were exchanging vows and immediately we finished,the rain stopped.
He broke my virginity.

10. What were your biggest fears during the wedding day?

PASTOR. ABRAHAM NKANATA..: There will be no presence of God

MRS MIRIAM NKANATA: When there is no joy or life in our wedding.

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11. Did you have a honeymoon? If yes…what can you say about it?

: Sure
My first time to make love
Very fulfilling and happy to be together.
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12. Please tell us about three memorable experiences you’ve been through together as a couple?

: Many we can’t write them all.
Raising 2 Children and seeing them grow.
Achieving our goals together.


13. Tell us about the biggest challenge you have ever met in your marriage?

: Upbringing conflicts.

14. How would you describe the dynamic of your marriage?

: Marriage is hard work, it’s requires 100 percent attention.

15. What values are most important to you as a couple?

: To be faithful to one another.
To only put God as our first priority.

16. Whats your view about wedding and marriages?

: People should prepare thoroughly for marriage besides planning for wedding day.


17. What are your plans and dreams for your life together? Where do you see yourselves in five years, ten years, twenty years? What are you most looking forward to in your future as a couple?

: To continually inspire people and campaigning for the values of marriage and preaching the word of God to nations.


18. Whats your advice to the young ambitious youth out there?

PASTOR. ABRAHAM NKANATA: To discover their original purpose soonest possible.

MRS. MIRIAM NKANATA.: To make sure they are married by the right spouse and to avoid sex till marriage.
God will forever honor that marriage.

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