More personalized features for all blogger accounts.


Build and share your profile:

Create a profile for fellow bloggers, brands and followers to find out more about your blog.

Update your profile:

Post links to your latest blog posts, videos and images to our community.
Your posts and content are placed in your profile and the site-wide activity area.

Receive notifications:

Receive email and dashboard notifications, when users mention you, follow you, like your content and more.

Follow other bloggers:

Find and follow other bloggers with similar interests.

Participate in groups:

Participate and suggest groups for bloggers to congregate.

Private message functionality:

Send and receive private messages from the community, directly from your profile. Email notifications also sent and received

Coming Soon.

Premium member badge:

Add the Bloggers Required premium member blog to your blog.

Exclusive white papers:

White papers, exclusively written for our premium members.

More coming soon…

>>Bloggers Required.Click for details.


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