Governor Kiraitu Murungi has been a well known, active and influential mastermind in the Kenyan politics for over the past 30 years.



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He is the current Meru County Governor based in Mt.Kenya region.

In his past political carrier, He was the longest serving Member of Kenyan Parliament for South Imenti constituency, former cabinet secretary in different ministries and the immediate former Senator for Meru County.

Why would South Imenti constituents have faith in this man for four(4) good terms? …Why continuous 20 years of service as their Mp?

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In my recent study, his past years of service to his people has always been undisputed. However, recently there has been claims of otherwise in the current tenure.


I have since then created more interest in the matter and tried to get the real meaning of “Making Meru Great.”

If your dreams don’t scare you… then they aren’t big enough. Our governor dreamt the biggest, got scared and spared his people from the scare. That’s what it takes to be a leader.Image may contain: 8 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

According to my findings; If Governor Kiraitu could have made any mistake was when he promised to “make Meru great.” He had set a standard too low for himself and I conclude that he at-least had a clue about this at the back of his smart mind.

Meru has been a great place to be.

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Governor Kiraitu Murungi knew this and had seen a vision for a greater Meru but could not tell us simply because it could take us too long to vividly understand. His main intention was “Making Meru Greater.

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He considered it more fair to work in silence and let success be the noise.

Since his election as the Governor Meru County, he has been strategically and massively implementing his vision with an aim for leaving Meru people better than he found them. Just like he had done for his people in South Imenti in the past years of service.

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Among his major concerns was easy water accessibility to all the people in Meru.

In fact, he was recently recorded in one of the major media stations in Kenya saying that he would wish being best remembered for bringing as much water to the people he served in Meru.

Could this have started happening as early as now?

Sure. The success is now becoming too loud!

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Yesterday I boarded a matatu from Maua town to Meru. I had an opportunity to sit next to a moderately aged man who found it difficult to keep a secret of what had been progressively disturbing his mind.

I had all the time to offer a listening ear to the man. Of course…it was also a gesture of respect and appreciation for his concerns.

He comprehensively explained to me how he had been a frustrated voter ever since he became a voter….probably over the past 40 years.

He was now confident and proudly confessed to me that His Excellency Governor Kiraitu Murungi had become his hero. He proceeded to assure me that he wouldn’t hesitate casting a vote in favor of the Governor any other time in future.

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How and why had the subject become an hero?

According to the man:

“The previous predecessors from different political positions had been providing temporary and unreliable “fish” in the name of genuine help. To the contrary, Governor Kiraitu had become their Savior when he brought and taught them the “arts of fishing

In the past, they had depended on the “food for the hungry” programs but his current hope and expectations had gone way too far to farming for their own food.


The man was extremely happy for the Governor who had been tirelessly drilling boreholes in different regions within the county. A great gesture that Meru is headed for greatness.

I will soon and comprehensively be covering more developments and how this soft spoken visionary leader is focused for greatness in Meru County.

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Stay tuned.


Mbaabu. J. Gitobu.

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