Having Mr. Right as a husband is every lady’s desire, right? I know many ladies will agree with me.

Here are the top three romantic couples in Kenya, but you can also be among them if you pull your socks in your relationship.


Mostly know as Rev. Allan and Kathy Kiuna, with no doubts this is the best & most admirable couple i have ever come across.

This two reverends relationship is the most elegant and fashionable, and at the same time they are middle aged preachers in the nation. The relationship between them is not a secret and therefore it’s admired by many. Kathy and Allan are besties 👫👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 so they do a lot of activities together like preaching, and pose in front of a camera together. Kathy is indeed my role model, she can be your role model too if you follow up her session “Woman Without Limit”. Soo sweet, their relationship is like a fairly tale that I would never want to stop watching.

Couple 2

Who would think that even a politician can be loving and a committed husband to his wife 🤷🤷??. This couple proves us otherwise,


Ababu Namwamba and Priscah Mwaro. This couple has always showed of their love on social media especially when having fun and in political conferences. When Ababu and his wife went for a vacation in ice land they shared the photos freely on social media, even though men described his as “UnAfrican” due to his post.


On the other hand women took that as a lesson for their men to learn as they considered them as “unromantic”. Auch! I know it doesn’t heart because men can be “hardcores” sometimes.


Dr. Alfred Mutua and Lilian Ng’ang’a is the 3rd romantic  couple.


Isn’t it romantic for a politician to love and marry a woman who is not from his tribe?!. It’s very romantic indeed. Well I guess even Lilian didn’t mind because Mr. Alfred is one of the men who can be described as Mr. handsome.


Alfred, the Machakos governor once decide to post a picture of himself and Lilian Ng’ang’a , the county’s “first lady”. This is just a lovely couple anyone could ever dream of, right?.


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