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Resurrection Global Challenges

many people have come across pastor Lukaus’ “Resurrection” story from South Africa. Pastor Lukau challenged Jesus’ miracles by “raising” people from the dead and bringing them to life.
pastor Alph Lukau was allegedly challenged by prophet Mboro Motsoeneng to go and raise Mandela Nelson from the dead, after performing his first miracle for raising a gentleman who he claims was dead.
Mboro accused Lukau of “bringing Christianity into disrepute”. Mboro did all of that in order to save his ministry and reputation, as he claims “I started healing before Lukau, My problem is that he is affecting me as a prophet and misrepresenting the scriptures,”. Mboro wants Lukau to apologize to the nation.

It has been reported lately that the “resurrected” man disappeared, after the memes masters took over and created memes from his action during the “resurrection” time.
Actually the “resurrected” man has broken a Guinness world record for he is the first man to eat food prepared in his burial 🤣🤣😂.hqdefaultprzktkpturbxy9lotvkyta2otcyodgzyjhmzdljntq1mdziyjiyyzk0yi5qcgeslqman80mwm0hljmfzqmuzqg8

Momo challenge

Momo is a horrifying WhatsApp “suicide game” that is suspected to have lead to a 12 year old girl death in Argentina, leading to warnings to parents all over the planet. Policemen in Spain have shown their concerns over “MOMO challenge”, Warnings and advice have been issued out to parents on how to handle their children and how to talk about the terrifying pictures that has gone viral.

' Spreading rumours is that, Momo is a prank, as a result of

 WhatsApp hacking by a person from 'Tokyo, Japan

According to the investigation from the Mexico state “computer criminal Investigators”, have stated that the game started in Facebook (Fb), where members were “challenged” to communicate to unknown number.
It has been reported severally by users that Momo respond with a violent and a scaring image, and the user are threatened if they fail to follow the games’ “order’ and dares.
the character appears with bulging eyes.

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