Some say life begins at conception but nutritionists says life has already began. Everyone carries a life within us and in this case for a healthy baby, it takes the genes of both the mother and father. As much as we acquire them from our parents too do we pass them when they are weaker? This could largely be determined by what we eat and what we do daily to make ends meet. What we feed daily determines the health of the baby we bring forth, its the responsibility of both aspiring parents to eat well with a purpose of bringing forth a healthy baby.

Men need to feed on healthy meals as well as women depending on their nutritional requirements of each which could be determined by Occupation, body size,climatic condition, age and condition of the body(pregnancy and lactation, sickness etc)

Doctors says that we need to prepare our bodies one year before getting one pregnant or conceiving.


  1. Check your health..conditions such as high blood pressure, high blood pressure and diabetes needs to be kept on check before conception
  2. Check your weight..did you know overweight reduces ones fertility rate? especially for Females who carry the life inside them, they are prone to adding weight so if they are already overweight before conception it puts them at a risk of complications and miscarriage. Underweight needs to go for a programme that add their weight so that they are equipped enough to carry the life within them and vice versa.
  3. Clean up your life style.. Quit unhealthy habits like smoking, alcohol and drug abuse. Recent study shows that conception rate for smokers and drug abusers stood at 11% and 6% respectively out of 124 sampled women. If your husband smokes you automatically become a secondary smoke. All these predisposes one to risks and complications of pregnancy, birth defects, low birth weight in infants and infants deaths/mortality
  4. Eat a balanced diet/ take supplements..foods containing protein, carbohydrates,vitamins, minerals and water are key here. For mothers foods with high folic acid are encouraged or folic acid supplements. This is important for bone and child’s growth, starting early equips your body with right quantity even before conception


Eat a relatively higher portion but not necessarily eating for two. During the first trimester(3months) control your unhealthy cravings because that is when the baby’s organs are formed. What you eat during this time is utilised in formation of the baby. This is also a difficult period for some mothers due to symptoms that come with it, try eating small portions of food and resting.

Diet comprises of 3 meals and two snacks


I cup of porridge made with milk and a pinch of cinnamon or

2pieces of brown sandwiched bread with peanut spread and a glass of yoghurt/apple juice /mango juice/orange juice


I glass of low fat yoghurt with one banana or I pancake made of eggs/milk and I orange


I piece of roast chicken(size of a chicken thigh) serve with 3 medium roast potatoes, a glass of vegetables (brocolli, carrots, french beans) and a fist sized melon.

Or 1 medium size fried tilapia served with one glass of rice, a fist sized papaya/pear/banana and vegetable salad


One slice of bread, one kiwi fruit and a hand full of mixed nuts

Or 2 piece of Digestive biscuits, a fist sized melon any option can be serve with half cup milk


I piece of roast chicken/half glass of black eye beans/2pieces of meat balls(medium size) serve with one glass of pasta/one glass of ugali/one glass of mukimo and fruit/vegetable salad with 1table spoon of cheese..

Nb:after every meal of snack wait for 15-30 minutes and take at least two glasses of water.

Relax and enjoy motherhood, Fathers remember to bond with the baby while still in the womb it aids in mothers emotional health and when he or she is born you are not a stranger.

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