That is how we call him. Ladies and gentle men allow me to introduce you to a rising star, a pillar and a mentor to many. His name is Paddy Mwenda, he comes from Meru the land of prosperity home to one great Hon Gorvenor, Kiraitu Murungi, in the soils of Hon. DMK kiogora that is mpukone village to be precise.

He is a 24 year old with unshakable spirit of following his dreams and nurturing youths with positive energy, especially those who want to be in the line of his career. He is a profession in photographer and does music too.

When you see him my dear reader his warm smile makes you believe in power of humanity, he is humble, God fearing,charismatic and handsome all in one package.. If you have not met him, kindly plan a date with him. He is easy to relate with that has seen him earn a multitude of friends

What I love most is the skills he employs in the latest music he did that become a hit, its name is ” Munyanya ” meaning a friend/lover. If you watch and listen to it you will agree with me that ‘ Meru got talent’.. He has made country music a come back even in this era where it was beginning to fade away, in his song he has made it clear that in Meru we give nothing else but love. His song was nominated in AMERUCAN AWARDS as the song of the year 2018.

I salute him and today my prayers goes with him that he shall find favour in the eyes of the Lord, the kings and every one around him, that the Lord shall set his feet high on a rock because he is a child of the most high Lord, blessed beyond any curse.

Even through thick and thin he has conquered it all. This man of faith ought to be applauded for the beautiful work he is doing. My best wishes today till the end of times are with you Paddy Mwenda.

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