I was schooled as most of other Kenyan kids have went fully through the 8_4_4 education system though am now in my third category.Since years back when I was in primary school,my social studies teacher taught me that Kenya is a third world Nation.At that point in life I never cared or understood what he meant.I told my self when I move to high school I’ll have more understanding on this.

On my entry to high school I was Soo eager why Kenya was not a world class nation. Through this anxiety History became my best subject.I learnt alot about Kenyan past events and this opened up my mind as to why Kenya was not a developed nation.When I was still in form 2 my anxiety could wait no more I decided enough is enough. I embarked on a research to find the factors that hindered Kenya into being a world class nation.Over the years I have complied and composed several factors that have led to this current state of the nation.In my heart and mind I have no doubt this are the factors hindering Kenya to develop and match the likes of Australia,America and all those world class states.Out of my through study and research I found the following factors to have contributed to this.

Nepotism; This has actually dominated the Kenyan public offices.The people in power struggle hard to have their friends and relatives in the best paying job in the nation and public offices.This has hindered the poor but educated Kenyans with manpower and skills to get into the Job market and offer their skills and knowledge to the nation hence the poor still remain poor as the rich get richer and this never helps the nation thus the nation drains backward rather than going forward thus it becomes poor and poorer each day that passes.

Tribalism; This has been a factor that is discussed day by day in the Kenyan society. For how long will we remain tribalistic??? Tribalism affects the nation widely and largely.Tribslism is only drawing us back as it hinders Soo many opportunities that could move the nation forward.Kenya should be our tribe for we are all Kenyans.

Corruption;This is the main virus eating and finishing the Kenyan economy.Kenya is now recorded among the most corrupt nations in the world.Corruption in depriving Kenyans the life they deserve in terms of infrastructure and service delivery,this leads to reduced manpower in the economy as Kenyans feel they are being taken for granted to enrich some individuals in power.

Unemployment;This is another tragedy that has strucken the Kenyan population moreso the youth.Kenyan population is almost unemployed and depend on casual labour for survival.Due to this brain drain has been used to tap away knowledge that could be used here in Kenya and it is now being used in the world class nations,,, as the learned youth are guaranteed employment there.Thd government should lookup into this and comeup with strategies to ensure the youth are employed to avoid them from being involved in crime related issues and avoid drugs and substance abuse.

Poor leadership;Kenyan leadership has for moreso been discussed as a self gain field.People/leaders get into this platform of leadeship with false promises that most of them fulfill as most of them turn it into a self gain industry where they benefit themselves forgetting the common citizen or should I use “mwananchi”.

Election Violence;This has become a norm in Kenya.It has mostly resulted from nepotism and tribalism not forgetting political differences.This has highly hindered Kenya from Soo many developments,Moreso dating back to the 2007/2008 post election violence,this Drew Kenya in the world map as a violent nation to an extent it attracted the international community. This and many other political related violences have affected Kenya in Soo many ways from property destruction to chasing away of investors no forgetting the loose of lives.

It’s time as citizens we put the nations welfare at heart,for the generations to come.To our leaders kindly serve us with dignity,stop corruption. And through this Kenya shall fully develope to a world class nation.





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