Appointment to leadership and walking the talk are two different stories, that is why today I want to go into records applauding Hon. Mike Sonko Mbuvi for being an oustanding leader by example in Nairobi City.

He is a God fearing, humble leader who believes in God the giver of power and wisdom to rule the people given to him to lead.

He has brought strategic movies within Nairobi County in different sectors just to name a few, Health sectors, public health and sanitation,infrastructure, youth and women empowerment among others.

He introduced a team by the name ‘ Sonko Rescue Team’ whose responsibility are not limited to maintaining the cleanliness of all corners of the County, providing ambulance services where needed, supplying clean water freely while empowering youths

He is sociable and out going. This gives him an easy time making friends with all people rich and Poor, young and old. He works well in collaboration with His excellency president Uhuru Kenyatta, somalia president and so on

What I love most about him is his charitable deeds. They cannot go unnoticed, I comment your efforts of doing charity work and giving back to the society, that alone only God can pay you

I am confident as I write this article that; if we were to probe his work he has done for Nairobians and beyond, you would only shake his hands with sincere congratulatory messages.

Though his position demands a lot of his time,it is with no doubts that he has delivered on most areas in his manifesto. Nonetheless his position has not denied him a chance to live his life the simplest way possible.

I am writing to pledge my concrete support to this great leader of Nairobi, express gratitude for what you are doing to humanity and give credit where due. Much respect Kiongozi

Allow me to put a comma on this since his deeds goes beyond words, pen and a paper cannot be enough to tell it all. If I were to write about him even Chinua Achebe novels would not be enough.

Governor you are my role model and I hope someday I will be favoured for an opportunity to meet you.


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