They say your strength is magnified in our weakness
So you should be strongest
Coz im at my weakest
I know i have been distant
I know we haven’t talked much over the years
I know i have been a disappointment
But im here for the appointment.
First of, im sorry
Sorry for the distance
Sorry for the dissapointments
Sorry i let you down

I tried to do things my way
Look where that got me
I tried to run away
Well im back home
I tried to shut you out
But im letting you in
Dont let me go.

Im grateful
It wasn’t a coincidence
It was your will
Im grateful he said hi
Although he was shy
Im grateful he smiled
Im grateful
For the laughs we shared
Im grateful
For the fun we had
Im grateful
For the love
Im grateful
For the trust
Im grateful
For i am a better person everyday
And so is he
Im grateful
As he hold mine hands
And rocks me to sleep
Im grateful
As he is true
And he is loving.

If only i could get to what i want to ask for
But im scared
What if i look like a little child,
Oh so scared of letting his mother go.
But then i have to
Trash my name to be with him
So be it
Lord, please don’t let him leave
Coz if he goes, who will be there to love me?

Im not scared he will cheat
Not at all
If you could only tell me
If you could only share with me
If you would not leave me in the dark
I wanna know
Is this what it takes?
Lord, dont take him away from me.

He holds my sanity
I would break without him
He gives me immense joy
No fake laughter
Lord, when will i see him again
I know your plans are best
Im sad that tho i believe
I wish things would be different
I hope to see him
Not soon, but daily

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