Dear Sir
I’d like to imagine what I know as ‘The History’, quite an interesting topic. We all have history, be it as humans and as people and to be precise as people of Kenya. For an unexamined life is not worthy living for any brave man who dares to peer into the future, not for selfish reasons but for the sake of his friends, family and folks. Just like any leader would do.
May invite you for a ride through imagination with me? Picture a simple citizen’s daily fears whose main cause is the professional misconduct of the stewards of our national wealth. There are many more other causes but it is better to cut the list short for now hoping that in days to come this topic can at least be tolerated in the public in a more civilized manner.
My only plea coming from this deep conviction now is that maybe this country united by something bigger than ourselves sounds like a new beginning or maybe a re-awakening. We know where we come from and where we are heading as the citizens of the world, as the people of Kenya and as individuals, the result of an examined life.
I suppose one could argue that through collective curiosity, consciousness and concern we will always strive to be better. May we see better stewards through you being more “The Steward” and more “The President” and even more “The history”.
Yours Sincerely,
Simple Citizen.

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