The path of curiosity has certainly many diversions, at the end of it all we are still left wonder if a day will come when we will all go to sleep in company of sweet dreams, after alternating periods of reality and to wake up no more with perspectives pregnant with illusion ending up disturbing that ‘peace’.
Ever since I could tell right from wrong and good from bad, I still yearn to drink from the fountain of knowledge to quench my thirst of never ending desire to know and to know better! Most of us do anyway.
All my life through education I’ve been perplexed by how education I am still perplexed by how education succeeds in conferring to and in an in the individual the ability to change the world. But to what end? We ask ourselves. We should consider life, as education, is a process of continuous reflection and action that involves liberative and transformative functions. Words pleasing to our ears, right?
As I always write, I consider myself as available to others in a spirit of dialogical mutuality I always feel inclined to let everyone or at least remind everyone, that in this continuous awareness through reflection and action; much can be achieved. Shadows will be cast away by the light of curiosity and our desire to at least know better about what constitutes of the obstacles in life experiences that hinders us from changing the world.


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