If i should start talking about it
If i should start explaining
If i should start describing
If i should start telling
If i should start writing
If i should start showing
If i should start teaching
If i should start talking about it
I would never stop
I would never say enough

A wise man once said that love is a pretty good reason for everything to go wrong
But then i sit back and wonder, am i wise enough to listen, am i wise enough to trust? Am i wise enough to believe, am i wise to hope that this time it will be different.

If i rip my heart out and gave it to you
If i tore my soul from me
For you,
Are you gonna listen to me?
What is it you really want me to do to prove to you that my heart literally bleeds for you?
I want no fights
Take me to my fantasies
I want no tears
Lets hear our laughs
I want no pain
Sorry, i need non of those
Be my romeo
My Mr Romantic
Be my dark knight
My protector and defender
Be my cupid
Reckless but lovely
Shoot me with your arrows
I wanna fall in love daily
I’m i asking for too much?
I doubt
Because imma be your mama
Imma take care of you
Imma be your lover
Love you unconditionally
Imma love your scars
Your eyes when you asleep
Imma love every single imperfection
Because they make you unique
I’m gonna protect you
I’m gonna make sure your are happier.

So baby,
I want to be treated right
By my Mr right
I don’t mean flowers
And posh dinners
I mean put your phone down
Look at me,
Listen to me
I want you to tell me your worries
I want to you sleep next to me
Lets cuddle
Listen to 90’s music
Lets watch the sun set
Let everyday be an adventure.

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