Her name depicts the true beauty of any human kind and most importantly a woman. Her presence is as good as rest, wherever she appears she leaves a beautiful legacy. My dear reader her name is Honourable Kawira Mwangaza.

Did you know Kawira is a great meru name meaning ” one who works? ” I thought you should know. Mwangaza means light true to her name she has brought light to many people of meru through her charity works.

Her charity works began long ago even before she was elected to the current position as Women representative of Meru County. I personally applaud you today Honourable Kawira you are a true example of discipleship.

Her initiative is called ” Operation Okolea kaana ka Meru” which means it’s an Operation to give a hand to a meru child.

Ladies and gentlemen it is true that meru is a blessed land but its also true that there are people who are in real need in the same County.. Hers is usually simple to give a helping hand in all parts of the County to the needy people.

Besides being a leader she also ministers as a Bishop. She has known the secret that no matter how much one has we still remains stewards. Her God fearing,humble, charismatic,charitable coupled with passion and determination to serve humanity prompts me to give her the the title ” BEAUTY OF MERU”. Don’t you think the act of charity is in deed beautiful? They say BEAUTY is best judged from actions and I strongly agree to that.

Dear reader agree with me that it is rare to find a leader who remains loyal to the call by which Kenyans trust them with. She has remained faithful and going extra miles beyond what we thought she could do. See this one….

Honourable Kawira is married to one and only Murega Baichu of Baite TV.

Her motherly nature attracts people of all ages and anyone who has come across her will sincerely tell you she has a golden heart.

As you pursue your dreams and ambitions for yourself and the people you lead, may favour coupled with blessings like ocean waters go before you and peace that surpasses your understanding be your portion.

Meru people are well pleased with you and we love you.. Continue sowing good deeds and so you shall reap. Blessings blessings follow you, Amen.


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