Typical Day of a Rural Kenyan mother

“This sun is cheating on time”, was the first thought that crossed my mind when I popped one eyelid open. It was only six o’clock but those rays seemed to be looking for my pupils and my eyelids appeared to be currently transparent. It’s a nice thing Junior is on half term and I needn’t rush all over the house yelling as usual. After a while, I got about to do the typical morning routines; get breakfast for junior, junior’s grandmother and herds man as well as feed the chickens, dogs, geese and cats. Ever since senior left for Nairobi, I’ve been left to tend for our little farm and his mother, I probably should say our mother.
Our farm wasn’t always this lively but just last week, a young girl from a distant neighbor came over to our fence and threw over a tightly wound manila bag then she promptly lifted her skirts and ran like lightning was after her and no amount of yelling on my part would stop the poor girl. After careful inspection of the manila bag, a young black kitten was found. If I hadn’t known that her mother was the prayer warrior in our prayer group, I would have said they were practicing witchcraft on me. I decide to keep the cat for puss, our brown cat, only seemed to enjoy a diet that exempted mice and rats. Suspicion that he is feeding on the chicks has arisen as they have been slowly disappearing and there are no hawks about but I haven’t caught him red handed yet, when I do only the Lord will have mercy. Last holiday junior went to visit his aunt and came back with two puppies; I had no Idea that lady hated me that much! (She knows very well we already have three dogs!). The two geese (that have never laid an egg) were presents from her as well. I suspect she just wanted to get rid of them for all they know to do is wake people in the middle of the night with those noises that cannot be ignored; they quack at the smallest noise, even when you turn in your bed. I have planned to have them as a celebratory meal when senior gets back from Nairobi.
Yesterday, after being enticed by his grandmother, Junior decided that he wanted to know how to milk and since I didn’t want to look like the controlling mum I asked the herds man to allow him to milk the cows. Junior came back a short while later with as shinny lump on his forehead and it took all my strength not to laugh at my poor son, apparently sambu (the cow) didn’t appreciate his small fingers, but he was a brave young man and kept the tears at bay. However, last evening junior’s grandmother got into a scuffle with the neighborhood’s madman whom she caught trying to take our fence poles and use it for firewood. When he saw grandma approaching, he pretended not to hear her rebukes and kept telling her to come closer as he couldn’t hear her. When she was close enough, he promptly picked up dust and threw it on her eyes then ran away like his legs were on fire. Last night as grandma was praying, I heard her ask for lightning to visit the poor fellow when the rainy season comes. So this morning as we are having breakfast, I spot the various injuries on my two family members and hope that today will be a better day.

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