Mumthane, Mum energy

At first light, they crawl into my bed. Sugar on my left, Spice on my right. Then they snore and completely black out!

Any plans to start the day on mumthane (mum energy) are quickly thwarted.

My heart is melted and I am inspired by a different energy ; love.

I urgently need to pray for these babies.

Start a fresh day with them.

Start on a new slate ; be in awe of the responsibility bestowed upon me.

Now that Sugar is gone to school, I know its not long she’ll be gone one day to start off her life.

Spice is sure going to keep my days filled for sometime before his three year old self is going to make a life for himself.

May your mornings be energized by love and your every moment in the day with awe of the gifts you’ve been bestowed with. As you lay to rest, May your heart be filled with gratitude for all you have.

Happy day

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