2.38 am and watching kitty having a bath with such urgency, thoroughness and focus it has me stunned.

Each inch of him must be covered before he can rest easy. Time is of no essence. And since his tongue-body ratio is not closely proportional, it takes him quite a while.

Maybe I should cut down his food rations for he’s a pretty big kitten.

Every morning without fail, kitty wants to rub his face on my feet. Again the urgency, and focus is consistent. He’ll even grab my feet between his paws for him to fulfil his delight.

He’ll sit on them if he must ensure that I am still then rub his face on my toes.

I tried running, lecturing him, threatening psychiatric evaluation, nothing. Kitty wants my feet consistently.

2.53 and he’s content. He doesnt need my attention.

Kitty makes me wonder what if I persued God with the relentless urgency, consistency Kitty does my feet?

What if I had the same focus to be right before God as he does with his baths? Clean, holy. Be righteous before God. (I am not saying i am God but you get the picture )

Would I be as content as kitty is in such relentless pursuit?

What if I was hot on God’s heels, wouldn’t He’d just relent and let me enjoy His presence? I suspect I’d be content. I suspect the Lord would embrace me.

What, who are we persuing relentlessly to seek our happiness?

Our content?

Is there consistency, joy, truth? Or is there shifting?

Relentlessly pursue that that will last beyond us, that will last eternally

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