The Nandi Flame Tree Has Blossomed

I wish I could say its just another beautiful blossom.

I cannot.

This one comes with profound nostalgia.

You see, over 30 years ago,Dad planted this tree as he built his rural home. He loved trees and planted several over his lifetime. But this particular Nandi Flame Tree has a story.

Many of the trees Dad planted were cut down after he died. For firewood, for sale etc. and not replaced. Including the majestic Nandi Flame Tree in the car park.

In its’ day, it towered with authority as it provided abundant shade from the scorching African sun.

It also had the most amazing blossoms: all not very different from Dad.

Dad, on more than one occasion shared his love for this particular tree in my childhood.

When he passed on, I had fond memories of the smile that would light up his face as he spoke of the Nandi Flame Tree.

So, when the stump of the remaining Nandi Flame Tree in the car park started to show signs of life after several years, it was very easy to let noone near it to cut it; albeit almost ferociously.

The tree was a reminder of his legacy; a man who chose to go where few dared to and do so with great cheer.

He was a trendsetter who went the journey with others. He never travelled alone.

So this morning I saw the first blossom; and smiled. His legacy will live on.

Nothing can stop that from happening. Dads legacy lives inside of me, in my children and their children’s children.

His laughter and smarts runs in their veins.

His integrity resonates in all that pertains to us despite some trying to cut it down.

What legacy are we leaving behind?

What have you signed up to that your children and the generations after them will inherit?

The Nandi Flame Tree has blossomed.

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