In my routine work day I am approached by several clients over conflicts ranging from personal issues, family issues to work place issues. I realised one of the mostly asked question is; WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?

Sometimes I answer that question back with a smile and ask the client to tell me what they think is happening to them. I must admit that at the beginning it was not an easy question being asked about myself. It is easy to talk about other people than oneself. Today lets begin this amazing journey of asking ourselves this interesting question.

Many a times the interviewing panel will not omit this question; TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF. It is as easy as asking than giving answers. Did you know self awareness determines your relationship with yourself and others? Relationship with yourself means self mastery of your habits, behaviour and personality. It ranges from knowing your height, skin colour, body size to writing a whole novel about yourself without mentioning anyone in it.

Many people today when faced with life time challenges will attribute or shift the blame to the other person. This keeps the solution farther than you think. Self awareness involves asking yourself this question;

Self awareness is a journey towards making things right with in yourself. This makes it easy to to deal with others as well as yourself. One of the reason people commit suicide is inability to deal with oneself. If we loose ourselves we cannot find others, I mean all the answers to the solutions and questions that may seem difficult are within us.

How do i become self aware?

  1. Carrying out self awareness exercises – This can be done using Johari Window that was developed by Joseph and Harry. It describes self awareness in four phases that is:Open Area which involves things you know and other people know about them too example is skin colour, Blind Area includes things people know about you but you do not know about them example how you smell, Hidden Area are the things you know but other people do not know about you example is illnesses, Unknown Area are the things people that both you and the people do not know about you. With time these phases change and you find out things that were hidden and the Unknown become known.
  2. From genuine feedback given to us by friends or family and sometimes we can learn from criticism.
  3. From self disclosure to a trusted friend – sometimes talking to a friend about an issue can help you hear yourself through another person. It makes you understand the impact of decisions you made or are planning to do, that way this gives you hint of what you are capable of and vice versa.
  4. Through counselling therapies – a counsellor can help you through self awareness journey
  5. Self reflection and meditation – this requires you to take some moments away from anything that can cause disturbances and observing some moments of silence, through which you talk to your inner self and meditate on what happened while coming up with ways to better your personality.

Why should i be self aware?

a) it makes us strong emotionally, this way we are able to deal with most of the issues affecting us without necessarily involving a second or third party

b) it helps us to maintain good relationship with our families and beyond. It enhances your ability to mentor others in this line including your children

c) helps in self actualization process which means realising your goals. Some habits and behaviour that is not taken care of can be a barrier towards achieving our goals. Among others

Going back to the crossroads

This means going back to what you felt you did wrong and making it right. Many families are broken today because no one wants to be the best version of themselves, many youths are committing suicide because they could not under stand themselves well, children grow without anyone to Help them in self awareness process.

Self awareness bring joy to oneself in the sense that you avoid trigger sources of sadness. As you embark on this endless journey i wish you well. Be self aware. Be happy because people want to be around happy souls.

Cc James Gitobu

Cc Glory karimi

Cc Bonface Chacha

I dedicate this piece of work to all my friends that i have met and that I am yet to meet and all readers of this article, that you may read, learn, apply and better yourself.

Kindly forward to someone you care about.


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