The Horror of Kenyan Public Hospitals

As Kenyans and patriots of this wonderful nation we can all agree on one thing; we all don’t like visiting our Public hospitals.

It is never a walk in the park. I once went to a public hospital, hell I got well before i could even see the doctor.

You know thing about Public hospitals, you have to wake up, early in the morning not because the doctor will be there but because you have to wait on the queue for hours upon hours for the doctor to wake, have breakfast, drop his kids off to school then finally make it at work at 10 in the morning. Do not forget you were already waiting since as early as 7 am. To make matters worse one doctor has to see not less than 100 patients on a normal day.

After the long wait, you are finally summoned to see the doctor. You walk into the consultation room only to find an arrogant doctor. He lowers his spectacles a little and looks at you. You start narrating how you feel, he looks down on his phone as you tell the sad story. He then scribbles something you most definitely cannot read on a booklet you handed him and sends you out for some examinations.

You head to the labs hand out your samples grateful that they could perform all the tests required. The wait continues. You wait for an hour or so for your lab results and since they take too long, you decide to go inquire. You meet a nurse and ask, she replies with a mere “just wait.. You will be told when to see the doctor”. The wait continues. And you are lucky if the lights don’t go out as you wait for your results.

One of the nurses calls out your name “Catherine!” You are lucky if you can get to where she is calling you from fast. You are given your little booklet and ask to go to the hospitals pharmacy to get your drug prescriptions. Believe it or not, you will not get the chance to see the doctor again.

You head for the pharmacy and they take their sweet time getting your prescription. You better count yourself lucky if all the drugs are in that hospital.

Finally, your long wait is over. You can now go home and hope you get well soon but there is always that horror, that constant reminder that what happened in KNH could also happen to you. But as i said, you hope to get well soon.

4 thoughts on “The Horror of Kenyan Public Hospitals

  1. I can’t even put the accuracy of this on scale. Good job addressing it and in such a simple way. Public hospitals can be really horrifying.

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  2. I dread what you encountered. It is sad and funny until it happens to you. This shows how lacking our public hospitals are in Kenya and require an overhaul to restore our people’s confidence in them

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