Earlier today, I would have sworn I saw Mum in the house.

She was humming as always. Happy, spreading warmth and love as she busied herself.

She wore her emerald green free flowing gown and white sandals.

So regal, so elegant!

So beautiful; in and out.

The aroma of great cooking always filled our home. Mum loved to cook.

Today I could smell it, specifically cakes baking in the oven. The house always smelt clean.

But the aroma that was distinct in our home was love and laughter.

Warmth and joy.

And a fresh urgency for His love would waft through the our home and even more so with Mum knowing Christ intimately.

Tonight, I am sitting in her kitchen at the table drinking tea from her cups and I am wondering how well I have fulfilled her legacy.

What would we talk about tonight in the quiet of the night?

The moon light is filtering through the curtains. The baby is asleep and the Christian radio station is playing softly in the background.

Would she hold my hand?

Speak words of encouragement, softly, happily, gently?

Pray with me?

Gently rebuke me?

I think so.

We would then walk away to our separate bedrooms content, satiated on what we are to be filled with; love, joy, peace, hope.

I know as I go to bed now, Mum won’t be here in the morning, but she would want me to do my best for the children, for me, for her, and above all, for the Kingdom.

To be strong, to be happy, to be all I am called to be, to love fiercely.

Actually I can see her silhouette fade away as she walks in the direction of her room.

Her work is done for this season; to remind me to live for Him.

Let’s arise friends and live fully.

Speak in love

Work hard





Do excellently

Let’s fill the world with a beautiful aroma


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