Personality of the week____Akothee.

She was ashamed few weeks ago for her dancing skills.

She is now getting nothing less of praises.

She has proven that she is dynamic and golden hearted.

Her love her humanity is evident.

She has different sides to her just like any other person.

She managed to mobilize Kenyans to raise more than 3m to feed the hungry Turkana residents.

She flew to Turkana where Kenyans were dying of hunger.

She had zero security with her.

She freely interacted with the citizens.

She donated food and other essentials to the people.

Kenyans reacted to her charitable character and congratulated her.

Well to my opinion Kenyan politicians should ask for some leadership lessons from her ,some are busy stealing billions ,while others are planning their next political moves as Kenyans are starving to death.

To @TeamAkothee may the almighty God bless you abundantly.

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