In the recent past I have looked closely perhaps with a concern of who we choose to praise. Many a times we owe our thanks to our dear mums for bringing us up,we commend their efforts and good deeds during our bringing up. It is true that our Mothers are key contributors to our existence.

On the other side, I salute all men who hustle tirelessly to provide for their families or better still to build themselves.

I am always moved by men who play their role as Fathers, Husbands not to mention Sons. Ladies it takes a strong man to provide for his family even against the odds. It takes sacrifice. It demands an art of giving.

It is the high time we learn to appreciate the efforts they make daily for our sake and for the sake of our children. He may not be the richest but trust me his presence is of great importance.

Ladies take your time to compliment your man.

Tips on how to compliment your man/Father/son

  1. Put it in the language they can decode by making it as simple as possible
  2. Do not over do the compliment twice daily is enough.
  3. While you are complimenting him make an eye contact, and say it with a smile
  4. Choose the right time, especially when they are relaxed may be after work or shortly after waking up.
  5. Make them understand why you are making that compliment. Mention the exact thing they do or did to deserve the compliment
  6. Let it be genuine. Do not compliment and ask for favours, someone may mistake it as a way of corruption them to say yes to what you asked.
  7. Do not stop complimenting him. Make it a routine so that they feel the impact and importance with which you say it. Just but to name a few phases that melt a mans heart;

I am proud of you my love for loving me unconditionally.

I knew i could not be wrong, you are so perfect for me

I love how you look in that outfit my king

I appreciate the efforts you make daily to provide for us.

I love the energy do apply while paying football

Constantly remind him how important he is. If you do these things you will be building a home for him, a place where he finds comfort.

Let him be the head of that family. You can also give your son leadership roles to train him on the same. Ladies bring up your son to be the man of your dreams. It does not matter who he is just make him your hero even in small ways and he will do great things.

To my dad, even in your absence I sing you and tell them that you were and still is my hero because heroes do not die, their spirit lives on. You were the best man I have ever known and your goodness cannot be written in a paragraph, continue resting well Daddie.

I could sing so many heroes today but allow me to dedicate this art of appreciation to my Friends Godfrey, Patrick, James and Abraham may you live long heroes.

#being a man is great

#bringing up a king

#world is a better place with you around

I wish all ladies reading this article well as they sing their heroes a beautiful song. Do things in a new style because this is 2019. I will be back to write a letter to men about women.

Thanks for reading, learn and share.



  1. Congratulations dear mercy, this script as rely brought all kind of appreciation to the mentioned n non mentioned, known n unknown…. Yu r a true hero to us too dia, keep it up. #Kenyangirlmotto#


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