I greet you all good people. It is a beautiful day that I am writing and you are reading . Reading is acquiring knowledge and knowledge is power. Today I would like us to agree on some bad mannerism that we need to disagree with.

Many a times we travel through Public service means or finding yourself in Public gatherings. Have you ever taken a minute to ask yourself if you behaved well?, well this is the question that Should keep us on toes every time we are in Public or in company of our friends.

Quit the following

  1. A) SPEAKING LOUDLY.. Did you know talking loudly is actually rude? I thought you should know. Rarely would you find it pleasing when someone is speaking loudly to you. Psychologists says that speaking loudly to a child could make them rebellious. No matter how worked up you might be feeling take your time to listen to yourself long before you shout to someone. The worst of it is talking loudly in presence of people that do not know you,especially in a quite Matatu. People you need their space to meditate on their work schedule or their personal issues, talking loudly near them is not only rude but offensive too.

Next time you are about to speak loudly listen to yourself first and quit it. If you have a habit of speaking loudly you can start a simple method that works wonders. When you are confronted with the trigger that will make you shout take a seep of water, do not swallow the water keep it in your mouth until the urge of shouting goes away, yes it works.


Some people think that the only way to make a point is by overshadowing an ongoing discussion, which is wrong and unacceptable to many. In case you find people having a discussion it is always polite to ask for their permission to interrupt. You could be part of the discussion, interrupt politely or wait for your turn to speak. People easily get bored by someone who keeps pinning everyone down to prove a point.


It is true that mobile phone can be addictive especially those who earn their source of livelihood through them. At the the same time you do not have to use your mobile phone while speaking to another person, it is bad manners. The person may feel unwanted or like they do not matter to you, their is a personal appeal that comes with active listening and paying attention. Using your mobile phone while doing other things can lead to faults not to mention accidents. Do not let mobile phone keep you away from those people around you.


It is wise to use handkerchief when you feel the urge to blow or touch your nose. It is offensive to touch the inside of your nose while speaking to someone. One could quickly make an assumption that you are unhygienic. Sometimes it is not the case. I remember one time in an interview(group interview) the person interviewing us shamed one of us for touching their nose while talking, it was quite disappointing through out the session.

Quit that bad habit. It will be good for you and those around you.

I agree that we all have some habits that could be offensive to other people, but that does not mean we agree to remain that way. Take up the challenge and work on making yourself better than you are today.

Remember successful people look like you, not without flaws but determined to iron out their flaws to build a strong personality. Good day ahead.

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