I great you dear readers. I am writing to complete the second bit of how to handle your Woman, after writing about men,if you have not read kindly do.

Many a times I have heard men complain about their wives, girl friends and fiancees. Only a few pause to ask themselves how they contributed to the issue facing them. There are many marriages that could have worked on if she was treated differently.

Sometimes when you allow the EGO to lead your decisions nothing works out well. There are several ways a woman would like to be treated so that she feels important and valued. We are all different but these applies to everyone.

Pro and con s


Yesterday I talked to one of my girl friends and asked her why she ended a two years relationship that was initially doing very well. Her answer was simple ” I could not get the attention I wanted from him ” I felt that deep. They need to be shown the attention they deserve, this ranges from asking how how she feels to sparing time to just be with her. There are many ways you can show attention to her. Believe me we love attention, we have a soft spot for people who pay attention.

Pay attention to how she speaks to you, the non verbal cues will tell you a lot about the mood, attitude and all you need to know.


Treat her with respect when you are together and even in company of your friends. Do not speak ill of her to your family and to anyone else. If she did wrong tell the mistake to her because she is the one to correct them.

Talking loudly or shouting to her is a sign of disrespect. Physical violence is the oldest form of disrespect. When you respect her other people will respect her too and vice versa.

Respect makes couples close to each other as well as building trust among them. When she trusts you she can share all the secrets with you, have you ever had an argument and she went to seek for Help from some where else? If yes it is because she did not trust you enough to share with you how she feels.


Yes, she loves being complimented regularly more often than men. Praise her looks, say positive things about her. When she does something good let her know how well she performed.

If there is something you do not like begin with the positive and say that which you feel needs to be corrected. .Example, ” You look good in skirts but I love how you look in dresses ” that way she will not feel like you dislike the whole idea.


She would want to hear that you do not take it for granted when she cooks you a meal as much as she is your wife. Appreciating the way she takes care of you will do her good. Those positive vibes keeps her vibrant and thirsty to do better.


It would be annoying for a lady to learn that her man recently bough a piece of land without her knowledge. Trust her enough to ask for guidance when you feel inadequate,that does not make you less of a man. Ladies have strong instincts that can smell a rat miles away, so do not under estimate that power in her.

Make her your Queen and she will make you her king,that will be a happy home. Ladies when you are trusted do not prove him wrong.

Sometimes the solutions we go looking for are within ourselves only if we look closer enough. Let me put a comma to many more that will come. Read and share with someone you care about.


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