Top 5 things kenyans are passionate about.

Kenyans are generally passionate by nature by the way they smile,walk,talk and their hospitable nature. Kenyans still have the top things they are passionate about.

1.Kenyan “nyama choma”.

This definitely had to top the list.Its definite Kenyans love nyamachoma if you have a Kenyan friend you definitely know what to expect each and every weekend.

2.So crazy about politics.

We get votile,jubilant,and we get angry this all brought by our local politics.Politics can bring us together or break us apart,thats how passionate we’re on politics.


This is what kenyans are hilarious about.Almost every county is coming up with it’s own version of Rugby tournament.On rugby weekends there is hardly anything else on note.

4.The beach city____Mombasa

This is definitely the place to share fun and moments during holidays with family and Kenyans love the beach.


Kenyans love their culture from their food to dressing and the way of life.The massai community has the richest cultures.

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