Childhood is a sensitive stage in development. Every child needs to grow in love and be handled with care so as to mature into an adult with strong personality.

Childhood experiences can make or ruin a person even in their old age. We are a products of how we were brought up by our parents. If you cultivate good discipline in a child chances are that they will grow up uprightly and vice versa is true. Did you know your child is teachable even at a tender age of one year? There are many pro and con s we can mention but allow me for today to talk about six ways to grow your child while he or she glows.

Big six

Teach your child virtues

Virtues are moral excellence. They include goodness, patience, honesty, love among others. Your child as young as one year old is teachable, they can learn from how you do things as a parent. Instilling Virtues in your kid would aid their social Health. Social health has everything do with how we relate with others, it begins with self awareness. When a child grows in all these virtues they do not struggle relating with people around them. A socially healthy child is a happy one.

Make time for your children

Children need time with their parents to play together and at times your presence is enough. They tend to feel safe around their parents. Being there for your children creates a sense of trust in them, they grow up knowing you are always there for them even in smallest ways you do not know about. Kids do not demand a lot and making some time to be around your them is not asking for too much. This way you will also learn about their behaviour and character, you can then discipline where necessary.

Communicate with him or her

Communication involves talking to your child in a simple language and manner he or she can understand. Do not shout at them. It involves telling them what you expect of them and how you want things done. You can not discipline a child over a issue you have not told them about. Most of the time it requires patience to see your child change those small bad habits.

Teach your kids to listen too. Effective communication demands the art of listening, if you are speaking to your child and they busy playing and you are okay with it, next time even in school they will not pay attention. Paying attention to details can be learnt from childhood. When anyone pays attention they learn even what the other person can not say through non verbal cues.

Set limit and be consistent

While disciplining them let them know the limit beyond which they can not cross. If they do, be uniform in your disciplining method. The same method you used to discipline them use it until it is well known to them. Inconsistency in discipline line can make them perceive it as non issue.

Identify and nurtured their Talents

Children may not know what they are good at unless they are told. As a parent take time to observe what they can do best, congratulate them and nurture it. Sometimes giving them motivational gifts can Help. Example is my preschool(Nursery A) kid who is talented at drawing, I once saw it and I was amazed. While he is good at drawing I am poor at it. I tried looking for ways to nurtured that talent by buying him drawing books and drawing materials and giving him challenge on painting different diagrams. You too can find a way to grow the talent in your child. Here are some samples he did while in preschool

Lead by example

Children learn a lot by observing and copying what they see. Do not be a bad example and expect your children to obey. Show them the way and lead the way. Doing so will give your children easy time to do what is right.

Do not forget to be attached to your children especially the teenagers who can easily get lost in peer pressure.

Lead the way

I wish you well as you explore parenting.

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