I was there that night
I watched it all happen
The cries still tormenting my mind
I had no peace
And it’s yet not to come
I can’t watch this no more

She was just a kid
Ten years? Or younger?
What of her friends?
Did you mind what could happen after that?
A girl with her dreams cut short
Just for the pride of culture

She bled out
The “doctor’s” skills just not enough
She was just an old creepy woman with a blade
No school of qualification
Just experience to increase mortality
A perfect administrator of the cut of death

From the cries she was never willing
Just a mean mother pretending to be good
Adhering to outdated cultures
Now she’s down crying
A daughter lost
A dream forgone

Lets join hands
Fight this worm eating us from within
Girl child lives matter
Stop FGM!
Cut off the cut
Male or female we all have a life to decide
And lets not let culture decide for us.

school-girls.gh-news©Vickie TheePoet

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