The past may have some impact in our lives either positive or negative and everytime it clings on our minds it ignites feelings.

A walk down the memory lane and what everyone admires is just nostalgic feelings ,which make us feel excited,pleased as punch.I would be lying to you if I just told you that all of us had a bright and colourful past.Some of us have undergone through tough situations that made them lose value of life.

Many will say that you need to forget about the past and focus on your future while making good use of opportunities and time.But I ask should we really forget our past? Although I believe forgetting the past will be helpful especially on our mental status,but always remember painful past feelings remain etched in our minds like parasites that will always deprive our joy.

A dark past that left an orphan,a widow ,a defiled young woman,a homeless family from land grabbing,Disabled in an accident, Miscarriage, Bombing .The list would be endless.We also lost mentors ,friends,family and loved ones.Despite all that past life robbed us ,let us not lose the sense and urge of considering life as a golden gift from God.

Life to others may have been too harsh ,that nothing ever worked out for them.Who is to blame for all this lose in ones life? Where should we go and who should answer and clear this mess once and for all?

It’s actually no one but us to stand firm for ourselves ,it all starts in our mindset ,just forget their insults and make your next move.

Today the world remembers the world wars, Ethiopian air crash ,Titanic ship, bombings,Eladde attack but I will touch on the rwandan genocide ,where tutsi were slaughtered mercilessly by the hutu ,25 years later still fresh in our minds but great thing people learnt their lesson and tribalism in rwanda is an offence you can’t ask whether one is hutu or tutsi ,I would advice for those who are curious just to look at their nose one is sharp and the other round on the tip end,it sounds funny but that’s how it is.I am glad that the communities live in peace and harmony today ,a true reflection of healing from the past and taking precautions in current life,it’s actually all everyone needs to imitate.

It’s better to realize that the challenges we face in life should make us stronger.A slight stumble to be overturned by extreme rising strength to extraordinary heights.I believe one mistake should be a stepping stone to another successful life but not a downfall.

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