I salute you all Good people. I want to share my thoughts in One of those virtues we sing daily to our children, spouses and Family. It seems easier said than done,nonetheless it is doable.

Patience involves the ability to wait in faith for something to happen. Many a times we tend to loose our patience shortly before realising the tables turned already.

At times it is does not feel right while waiting. We tend to grow weary and wonder whether things will really change. To some it is One of the longest journey ever travelled. While some people are very patient others sold theirs. My dear reader, I would like to bring to your attention that not all situations demand patience, it depends with urgency and priority with which you handle different choices life present.

Are you feeling like giving up?

Yes, giving up on matters that comes a long with life, wait, just wait a little bit longer and things shall work out. Nothing that does not have its own solution, every key opens a door and most surprisingly it could be the last key. Sometimes what we need is just patience. Afterwards you will realise how close you were to the finishing line.

Patience is beautiful, it crowns one with honour and victory. Remember it is always darkest just before the dawn. Morning comes with joy to those who are patient. Fruits of patience are sweet, at the end of the journey you smile and think back ; what could have happened if you were not patient.

Ladies and gentlemen,let us choose patience over impatience. Patient with our children,our spouses,ourselves,our families and that situation giving you sleepless nights. Their is joy that comes with patience. Let us teach our children patience virtue.. Remember this 👇

I dedicate this piece of work to everyone who is undergoing a challenging moment and I say this to you, God of the mountain is still God of valleys. Nothing last a lifetime, take a test of time and watch things unfold to your favour.

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