Should gambling be added to 1000 ways to die?

According to Gachoka(2019) Gambling is a false perception of an imaginary winner but a factual or real loser.

I would like to share this (true story) Last evening was a big time for football lovers including me, Barcelona failed to drop out their tactics and skills to perhaps give room for Man-U to at least score them but unfortunately and as usual, Man-U ni wale wale, am Sorry!! That one is not even an issue, but I have this boy child who as usual ‘invested’ the term gamblers use, who placed his entire 22k March salary and it “drowned’

The boy child met me at my mummie’s hotel relaxing and watching “njung’wa ya Kihenjo’ as I waited for the Lunch hour customers. He removed a small piece of paper that contained two sure bets as he said. Barca vs Man-U-GG and Juventus-win, total stake-11k which gave a possible win of 24k. This for gamblers was 99.9% safe and therefore he was so optimistic of winning.

We all met at exactly 9:45 at our usual base club Lomati where fans longed for the long awaited tragedy that would befall Man-U fans in a few. Everyone was hawk-eyed as we enjoyed the Barcelona’s ‘tiki taka’ Within the 1st half of the game, Barca had a 1-0 victory against Man-U and Juventus too had a 1-0 victory against Ajax which had kicked out the mighty Real Madrid.

My boy child had already started budgeting for the possible win amount as it was sure that Man-U must score a goal bearing in mind that they were at their home ground. One of his major plans about the money was to relocate from his bed-sitter to a two-bedroom house because of his ever complaining girlfriend.

Since he was sure about winning this, he decided to log in into the live bets to at least get one sure team and place the other 11k. At the 77th minute Norwich had a 2-1 victory and so he placed the live bet for Norwich to win. This too was so sure as the match was only 13 minutes to the final whistle. If both bets went as he had predicted, he would match out with 43k which would settle all his bills.

And since ‘mhindi sio mama ya mtu’ as gamblers say, at the 90th minute without counting the extra time, Barca was still 1-0 and Man-U had no even an attempt to score at least the goal he needed. On the other hand Ajax had scored a goal to make it 1-1 draw with Juventus and so he had lost hope with that bet.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls the devil is a liar, he wished that at least the referee on both sides add some good minutes to at least make Juventus win and Man-U score a goal. At the 90th minute Norwich was still 2-1 and so he was sure that he had recovered the whole money.

Should I say that witchcraft is real guys? Imagine Norwich’s game was given 7 minutes extra time while on the Barca’s and Juventus’ game only 1 minute was added to both of them. 91 minutes were over and so he lost the first bet and was now waiting for the recovery bet on Norwich.

At this moment, he was shaking like a chameleon and sweating like a Coke soda inside a fridge at midnight. At the 96th minute of the game, Norwich was now 2-2 and he lost this one too. I did not like to give him a direct eye contact as it was so hurting from the lose, his anger was like that of a pregnant, hungry Hyena. I therefore opted to tap him and atleast console him for the lose, upon tapping, he said “kahawa ni 10 bob bro” that was not his voice and so I decided to look at him, it was Karis a kahawa seller who hawked it during game time. Kumbe boychild alileft kitambo?

Guys I have tried calling him since morning and he ain’t responding to my calls. Ooh!! Perhaps he went relocating to the new home? I’ll check it out and see whether his girlfriend is now comfortable at their new stay!!

Gambling chronicles!!

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