A priceless gem,
A creature toasted with beauty
Crowned with confidence

Full of elegance
An Angel sweet in love
The one my heart longs for
The most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen
On TV, magazines even in beauty adverts
You are totally unique

Your eyes can burn a heart to ashes
And turn a universe upside down
Your smile carries light
That’s were hope lies
When I hear your voice,
I can’t tell whether you’re talking or
Coz my heart is always dancing
To the tune of your melody

I got up in flames with you by my side
You lace your fingers within mine
You breath on my neck making me feel warm
No one kisses like you
You are a good kisser
I feel my spine shiver whenever you lay
Your lips on my skin
You are sweet and glistening
I want to whisper to your ear and say
You are perfect in every single way

©Hunkie Nove

Beauty of it’s own perfection
Distorting rhythms of the heart
Glowing in dimmest light
A gem it really is
A polished diamond
Admiration filling the eyes of the viewer

The curves on your body
Getting me lost within the valleys
You got me drooling
With every part of your body perfectly placed
Combination of beauty and attractive
Spiced up with sexy

Sweet lips
Perfect vessel for your voice
Kissable should I call them?
Your hands a key
A key to unlock feelings deep in the darkest abyss of the heart
You’re all beauty

©Vickie TheePoet

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