Emotions never shown
Words never spoken
A reality hidden
Moments missed
Decisions regretted
It’s all I’m made of now

I was stupid
Blinded with foolishness
I never saw your need
Your love for who I was
I took everything for granted
Took you for granted

I hurt a soul
Beautiful and loving
Pretended like I never cared
But deep down it stung
Stung more painful than a scorpion
Poisoning my heart

I no longer can’t hold it
It’s burning my inner me
Killing me slowly
Taking away my personality
I regret saying the bye now
It makes me look foolish but I really am

My ego couldn’t let me beg
But my conscious never stops haunting
I miss the moments
I miss the memories
I want them all back
I want you back

I wanna recreate everything
Everything I destroyed
Maybe I don’t deserve it
But your heart needs peace
I can give the reasons now
Though how stupid they were

I want the old us
And always in love
Can we?

Vickie TheePoet

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