This is a special dedication to my late Grandpa.

Our special pillar and our strength.


It’s been more than a year since you left.

You never said goodbye.

You never gave any sign your leaving.

Why did you leave?????

Is a question that runs in my mind day by day.

Your leaving broke my heart.

Will I ever get answers to my questions.

Why did you leave?????

I got soo many wishes running that i wish you could live to witness.

I wish you lived to see your grandkids prosper.

I wish you lived to guide and correct us.

I wish you lived to see us graduate.

I wish you lived to celebrate our success with us.

Why did you leave??????

Your smile gave us hope for a better tommorow.

Your calls made us feel loved.

Your good counsel guided us all the time.

Your lovable nature was all we felt.

Your presence was all we needed as it made us have hope for a brighter future.

In our hearts you will dwell.

In our souls you will forever live.

Your memories will forever be treasured.

In our hearts,mind and soul you will remain forever.

We loved you and forever we will.


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