I gave it all I could,
But you never understood,
I tried to act good,
But as always was misunderstood,

Am hurting with pain,
Thinking whether I’ll ever fall in love again,
I don’t know whether to blame my brain,
Wish it new this what I could gain,

Am not heartbroken,
But I hate it knowing you had someone out there in the open,
I know you really not broken,
But I wish you never get someone like me who took care of your burden,

I asked for forever,
But what is left for me and you is never,
Have your way I don’t wanna meet you wherever,
Your life and mine will never rhyme what so ever,

You took my happiness,
Left me with loneliness,
I now feel the emptiness,
But I now don’t care nevertheless,

I got a life to live,
A new me to revive,
A harsh world to survive,
And in success to thrive,

©Vickie TheePoet

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