A letter to my best friend.

Since childhood we have been friends.our friendship is one thing am proud of in life.Thanks for being a part of my life.You have always made my life worth living.You never seize to amaze me.You encourage me whenever am down.You always have a possible solution to my problems.You have been such a pillar in my life.

You one person i thank God for having in my life i don’t wanna loose you forever.Though ups and downs have been there we have always found solutions to each challenge that affects us.

As friends we share dreams and aspirations,my prayer to God is that each of us fullfills that dream and aspiration.

Thanks for being my pillar, regardless of my shortcomings you never gave up on me.

Thanks for being a true friend.

Your that one person everyone wants as a best friend.

Thanks for being a true friend.

To more of life Best friend.

Special Dedication to my best friend and my childhood friend;Jeffrey Ikenye Chege.

One thought on “A letter to my best friend.

  1. Am so much humbled . Never thought of such a powerful inspiration God has installed in me . God bless you dear friend and thank you so much for being there to listen .
    That gift you have may the lord bless it to the impossiblities.


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