Dear Lord,
I have sat and observed keenly,
The prophecies in the Holy book coming to pass,
The unending hunger and drought,
The unending and deadly Civil wars,
The massive killings of the innocent,

The earthquakes and political dominance,
The crime rate which is at its peak,
So I’m terrified Lord,
These sights makes me get scared,
So tell me dear Lord,
Are these not the signs of the End of Times?

Your children are killing each other daily,
In the name of love people are dying,
The love you gave to us priceless,
In revelation your prophesies seem to be happening,
Is it the end times lord?

Send us manna once again,
Let hunger not be our distruction,
Our repentance lord receive,
With humble hearts we dedicate,
Thou shall not die if we believe,
Is it the end times already?

Give us a sign of assurance soon,
Don’t end the world so soon yet,
Give us a chance to repent our sins,
Give us a chance to make it right with the ones we wronged,

For if this is the End of the Times,
And you happen to come for your church,
You’ll be shocked to find only two people will accompany you back,
So dear Lord delay a little longer,
Give us a chance to confess our inequities,
And gladly forgive our sins.

_©Angiey ft Summer Boy_
Copyright © 2019 Angiey_Summer

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