My Handsome Boss .

The work was so piled up,everyone in the office was stuck to there respective desks.No one was forced to stay upto that late,but circumstances would not let one ride home. I was Busy filling some forms for the company, as they were being required the following day by my boss.All my concentration was on my computer, I was too busy to realize the darkness in my office. All I was thinking of is,click,click here and there…… I realized I was missing a file,and I was to drop down stares to pick it.Raising my head,the lights in my office went on,and all I saw was a shadow of a familiar being in the office…. At first, I thought it was friend John who was used to checking on me every now and then,but it was different this time.John always accompanied himself with a lot of noise,also the shadow this time did not resemble that of John,John was a tall dark handsome guy,this could not be him…I made my skirt lengthy, made my blouse upper button,gathered confidence,and i made an acute turn to meet my guest,only to find out that it was this mr.right standing against the closed door… I felt ashamed of myself,stood on my feeble legs,gave him a quick hand shake,with a “Hi,am sorry,am not through with the forms, I just have to get a file down stairs, I will be done in a few minutes time… excuse me for a……”I was not done speaking when he pulled me closer to his body,and he said,”Don’t worry,that’s why am here Janny…you don’t have to do this alone,its late to work by yourself”.. Damn!I never expected this. I was standing still,he held my waist so tight with his warm hands,I could feel his heart beats, He breathed too fast,so did i.I was scared to shout,I was even more scared of remaining dumb silent.He was so irresistible, tall,brown and handsome. To be honest he is cute than my sweet boyfriend, his red rips,sexy eyes,his chest,hair style, and above all,the blue suit he was wearing was %,wow,it exhibited all features in him….can’t tell it all,he is just mr.right,but the ring on his finger cleared all that was in my mind… I couldn’t do it…. Pushing him away, “Am sorry sir,your married, your my boss,I do respect you a lot….I….(I gave a couple of excuses) am afraid we can’t do this..”.he was off me,but not so far.I felt stupid of myself, I didn’t know how to react,silence took over for some minutes. He looked at me carefully,from head to toe,taking his time not to miss a detail,he held the door,opened it,and bang it as he walked away. I hated myself, sat on the floor and cried so bitterly.i think I have lost him and the job too,I said this to my self.But the milk is already split.All I could do is wait for the outcome…. Some minutes later,as I was locking my office, heading home,I received a text message. Oops!it’s the read “Hi beautiful, I… Let’s meet in part two and know what the boss said in the message,you can’t afford to miss this. “”

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