My boss part II.

As i was locking the door,i received a text messange from my boss,i was eager to read it,so i stopped all i was doing just to read it.

Hi beautiful, am sorry for what happened earlier, we need to talk,let’s meet at Raulen restaurant tomorrow after work,my driver will pick you at 9:30 pm, its just between us,I promise to be calm,see you there.Timothy.

Ooh no. So cruel!he did not even consult if I would be available,I didn’t bother to reply,after all what was I to tell him,I couldn’t turn down the date,oops the meeting,he is the Boss.

The next day my mind was mixed up,to be honest, i never attended my duties at work fully,i avoided meeting him,or even thinking about him.To add on this I left the office before time,to be precise, at 4:00 pm.

At 8:45pm I was done preparing my self,and I was ready to meet the boss,no…the handsome boss.I had mixed up feelings.There is a part of me that wanted to meet him,and another part that totally disagreed with the idea…I sat helpless on the sofa,scrolling my phone,doing nothing in particular.

Some minutes later,I got a text.

Hi.hope your ready for this.

The drive is at the gate,am waiting at the restaurant. Timothy.


I took my pulse and headed to the gate,got in the car and we left for the “meeting”. The driver was so quiet, he didn’t say a word on the way.

Getting to the reserved table,he wasn’t there,but i was sure that was where I was to meet him.I was dressed to kill,I was even embarrassed to look at myself on the mirror, the red dressed I wore showed all the curves and edges,the make up,the heels,I was not myself. I was not the daughter my mum brought up to be,but I cared less.That never bothered me.

The music was so sweet,the couples in there were enjoying each others company,dancing and sharing sweet moments of love,I wished I was holding my fiance that way like we used to do before he went abroad for further studies…

It wasn’t long when he appeared from nowhere, he was looking great,he must have passed a designer shop earlier on,i had never seen him looking like this before, it was wow.

He was in a black jeans trouser,dazzling white shirt, and a red blazer,all made to fit…he stood a few centimeters away, he was standing still without even blinking, his eyes were relaxed,he stared at me and me at him,we secretly admired each others look.

He broke the silence with,”Hi,you look good”.was that all he could manage to say?anyway it was better than the silence. I felt better now.I didn’t say a word, I just smiled.He pulled the chair for me as I sat,and we both settled at the table.He excitedly thanked me for accepting his invitation,he ordered for Food and drinks,we were served as we ordered.

An hour later I found my self freely talking to him,we cracked jokes and laughed together, making childish comments…its like we were used to this.

More drinks were served,the music was alright, the air was calm,everything was perfect. It was now 3:00am,I was drunk,he was staggering, but we surprised the crowd when we stood up to dance.I was good at that,neither was he bad at dancing.

In his arms I felt so comfortable lying on his chest made me feel a queen,this time I didn’t mind his ring,all I thought of was to enjoy the “meeting”.

This is the last part I can remember about that night.

Our heads were together, but his slightly bent,our eyes closed, our nose poking each other’s,exchanging those hidden feelings only our hearts could explain, our lips searching other’s, and finally, for the very first time…….we kissed each other,for 2minutes,ooooh no,not two,I did not keep track of time,the passion was driving me,the sweetness of his lips,he is a good kisser.I Wish he was my hubby.

When I opened my eyes,I couldn’t believe it,I was alone,at home in my bed,he was long gone,how I got home,I can’t tell…i felt so dizzy,I couldn’t even raise my head from the pillow.Whater happened I don’t know.Then boom!…the alarm, its, 6:00 Am,its time to wake,wash,wear and walk to my work place.

As I was making my way out of the house,i saw a paper past the door,it was from Timothy,he was just thankful for the night.I was shocked,what did he mean by being thankful, ooh no….i started crying, cursing my wicked minds for accepting to meet him.

I called him,i never said hi,i felt so bitter,i called him names that if I write them I will take weeks to finish this article, I was lying on the floor,still sobbing, wishing I could remember what happened that night.I felt sick,I even never reported to work.He never called after I hang on him after abusing him.But someone else called, it was my friend John..his message made me regret abusing Timothy, but it was too late to take back my words.I had to meet Timothy and register my apologies, to my surprise John told me he was no more,a letter he left behind, spoke on his behalf,but it couldn’t listen on his behalf….Timothy is my father,whom my mum never told us about, what was in the letter was a blow to my life.

I can’t even tell you about it now,let me wipe my tears,but I will tell you about it in part three,why he kissed me, why he met me,why he wasn’t there to raise me,i will tell you all about it.


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