Spice Warriors is a non-profit organization created with the aim of caring for the environment. It was formed on the year 2018 under the leadership of Anita Soina and friends. It has been running successfully since then with over a hundred members dedicated to the groups work now. It’s impact is now growing worldwide with a sub-group in India, SpiceWarriors India.

The leader, Anita Soina 19 is one of the youngest CEOs in Kenya at the moment. She’s a second year student at Multi Media University. She felt the zeal of taking care of the environment and she was in for it. A new Wangari Mathai born can we say. She has been able to organize a few town cleaning ocassions in Nairobi and some tree planting events too.

The Spice Warriors will be having a big event come May. The event will be about planting 3000 trees for the sake of mother nature in Kisumu. All they urge for is public support. To be part of it check them out on all there social media platforms or contact their leader, Anita Soina via her social media accounts.

Events programme:

Lets all join hands in protecting mother nature.

Trees can live without us but we can’t live without trees.



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